Our Story

Omar’s journey towards the creation of Restoration Oak began in 2003 when he took a life changing trip to Colombia, the country of his family’s roots. During the year that he spent there, he immersed himself in the diverse culture of the native people. He met artisans who put their hearts and souls into crafting items that reflected the natural beauty of Colombia. Their work ethic was unlike anything he had seen before. He was blown away by the quality of the workmanship and detail that went into every handmade piece.

While there, Omar was able to develop relationships with these wonderfully talented artisans and craftspeople. He also learned from them. Their humility, passion and ability to create beautiful things from natural resources lit a fire inside of him and inspired his own creativity, as well as his love of nature, conservation, and the preservation of the environment. Omar knew then that he wanted to both tell the stories of these incredible artisans and their products as well as make handcrafted pieces of his own inspired by nature.

Restoration Oak combines Omar’s creative eco-friendly design concept for living- (designing and creating a space using products that are both friendly to the environment and yet aesthetically beautiful and pleasing) with his love of showcasing pieces from talented artisans throughout the world. The Artisan Boutique finally allows Omar to tell the stories of the amazing craftspeople that he met and showcase their and his own inspired pieces. He hopes that the unique beauty of the artisan goods, and the stories of the people that create them, inspire you just like he was inspired all those years ago.