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Our Mission

Restoration Oak presents a lifestyle brand. We believe that an eco-friendly, sustainable and healthy lifestyle promotes well-being and happiness. Every aspect of our brand focuses on these tenants and our goal is to bring you little bits of joy through our experiences and products.   

The concept behind this lifestyle brand is natural, healthy, sustainable products that add meaning and value to your life. We believe that DIY classes in which you get to see first hand how a particular piece comes to life in which you learn a new skill provides a critical insight into the world of artisan made and the importance of promoting a natural sustainable lifestyle.  We encourage you to expand your viewpoint and look to do things that help to sustain the planet, your health, and which promote a general sense of well-being and happiness. The  products that you purchase and add to your home, the food and drink that you buy, and the experiences that you have should all bring you elements of joy. We strongly believe that the RO lifestyle is one that will enhance and add value to your life and encourage you to come and experience it! 


The premise behind Restoration Oak's Artisan Boutique is the simple, yet profound concept that the true craftsmanship and quality workmanship of artisans around the world should be showcased, shared and appreciated by all. We work tirelessly to find these artisans, many of whom do not have an outlet in the United States and yet deserve to be recognized. It is a privilege to bring the work of these artisans to our customers and we will continue to find unique, one of a kind, home decor to share with you all. We hope you love the work as much as we do. 


The Crafty Spoon is our newest project, an Artisanal Experience where you can come and try beautifully crafted and uniquely flavored yogurts, infused waters, natural teas and more! Our drinks are enhanced with panela, a raw, organic sugar that is made conventionally by kettle-cooking sugarcane in small quantities. Gold, or golden-brown in color, Panela is a sustainably-made sweetener that Colombians, as well as those in other Latin American countries, harvest, produce and export as a sugar alternative. We prefer using Panela to white and brown sugar as it is a much healthier alternative.  We are excited to showcase the Crafty Spoon and have plans to implement other healthy and enjoyable drinks (including coffees) and treats in the future. 


Everything presented by RO is artisan made and tells the story of its maker. We source artisans and products from around the world. These are not mass produced items. Everything is unique including the food and drinks and everything exudes the love that its maker has spent countless hours preparing. Many of the products are the lifeblood of the artisans who rely on the income that they make to feed their families. We want you to learn about these artisans so that you can understand the workmanship and effort that goes into every single piece. You can find these products at the Woodshop at Restoration Oak.


 Finally, we plan to host numerous events and opportunities for you to come and experience what we have to offer. These events will be posted on our website and social media. Come and enjoy the experience with us, shop, sit down and have a coffee or yogurt or just say hello and don't forget to "Let Nature Be Your Canvas".





Meet Our Team

Omar Rivera - Founder & Co-Owner

Omar Rivera is the Founder of Restoration Oak. His vision to not only create beautiful art from sustainable eco-friendly materials, but to also showcase the art of others, is what led him to pursue his dream of an Artisan Boutique and Eco-Friendly Woodshop.  Omar spent years in the import/export arena and has forged strong relationships with artisans throughout the world, and particularly in Colombia, the country of his family’s roots. Omar continues to seek out the unique work and art of talented artisans and sources original home décor items for the boutique.  Currently a Woodshop Teacher at Clarke High School, Omar utilizes his passion for woodworking and his over twenty-five years of experience in contracting and home design/renovation to teach students the art of woodworking and to fuel their own passions and desires for the field. His creativity, his drive, and his experience are evident to his students who have shown a great interest in learning the skills that he can teach them.  Omar’s twenty plus years of experience in the contracting business have given him a platform to share his knowledge and expertise with anyone that has an interest in learning how to build a piece of furniture, a home decor item or do a DIY home project. He is leading a myriad of workshops and classes in this arena where he guides and teaches those that are interested in learning a new skill, doing a DIY home project, or just having a creative outlet/fun night out. He is also available to consult on DIY projects as well as home design projects where he can help you organize your own vision, give you insider tips, and bring your dream into reality.   
Dina Corigliao - Partner

Dina Corigliano - Co-Owner

Dina Corigliano is Omar's Business Partner/Co-Owner in Restoration Oak. After hiring Omar to renovate her home in 2019, she quickly became enamored with Omar's work and his vision of expanding Restoration Oak's Artisan Boutique. Since they have joined forces, Restoration Oak has morphed into something that neither one of them expected and has taken them to new and exciting places.  A business immigration attorney by trade with her own thriving law practice, Dina has found her own passion for design, home decor and artisan made products. Together, she and Omar search for new artisans and products from around the world and it is this search that brings Dina the most joy. Finding new artisans and products is a thrilling part of her work, and Restoration Oak has become her creative outlet, her driving force, and her vision for the future. It is truly a labor of love and she, along with Omar, have great plans for expansion of the Restoration Oak lifestyle concept in the future.   
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