Discover the Charm of Lanais: Your Perfect Outdoor Haven

Have you ever heard of a lanai? Or are you one of those folks who have seen it in movies but have never quite been able to put a name to it? Well, if that's the case, then you're in luck! A lanai - or more specifically, a covered outdoor living space- is an amazing amenity to have around your home. With just one simple addition, you can turn your ordinary backyard into your own private oasis — perfect for summer barbeques with family and friends or hosting movie nights during those brisk fall evenings. So let’s explore what a lanai is and some lanai decorating ideas.

What Is a Lanai?

Originating in Hawaii, the term lanai refers to alluring outdoor rooms situated at the rear of a house. Screened or windowed, they shield against insects and debris making them ideal for warm climates. Providing both shade and sanctuary from the sun, they allow you to revel in the outdoors while remaining undisturbed. Although not always fully enclosed, with one wall open to the elements, their allure remains unrivaled.

How Is a Lanai Different from a Veranda, Patio, or Porch?

To differentiate a lanai from other indoor-outdoor constructions, consider the following characteristics:

1. Porch

A covered outdoor space at a building's entrance, without screens, windows, or walls. It's entirely open to the outdoors.

2. Patio

A paved outdoor area, possibly raised by steps, lacking a covering or roof.

3. Terrace or Veranda

Partially covered like a patio, but larger in size, allowing for more furniture. It falls between a porch and a patio but doesn't constitute a separate "room" like a patio does.

4. Lanai

Unique in its combination of features, a lanai is covered like a porch or veranda. It can be raised like a balcony but is typically found on the ground level. While it offers privacy, it doesn't necessarily sit above the entry level. They often have a concrete or cement floor, but they can be constructed using various materials. Lanais come in diverse designs, sizes, and purposes. However, most of them provide ample space for furniture and serve as an additional living area.

Why Add a Lanai to Your Home?

For those who relish outdoor experiences or crave additional space for gathering and unwinding, incorporating a lanai into your home is an exceptional choice. A lanai offers the perfect blend of indoor and outdoor living in a cozy environment. By expanding the living square footage, it provides ample room for entertaining, relaxation, or even setting up a home office. Regardless of the size of your house, the addition of a lanai can transform your space making it easier to entertain guests and creating a seamless connection to the outdoors. Even in a compact home, the inclusion of a lanai opens up new possibilities for socializing and enjoying the company of others.

Lanai Decorating Ideas

Incorporate Light Wooden Tones

Choose light-toned wooden pieces to create a traditional, yet sleek style. These wood tones will blend well with your other decorations promoting vibrant accents to stand out.

Add Textured Walls

Enhance the personality and texture of your lanai with a captivating accent wall. Incorporate natural elements like slat walls, exposed brick, or stone to create a visually appealing backdrop. Complement these features with wood, concrete, or rattan furniture for a harmonious look, or opt for sleek acrylic, glass, or marble accents to create an enticing contrast.

Cozy up

Enhance the comfort of your lanai by incorporating a selection of comfy seating. Invite relaxation and rejuvenation with a plush chair or a swinging seat. Achieve a polished appearance by adding a soft rug and floor cushions underneath to contribute to the overall relaxed atmosphere that you and your family can cherish for years to come.

Decorate with Sun-Safe Furniture

When choosing furniture for your lanai, consider the amount of sunlight it receives. Opt for outdoor furniture or pieces covered in fade-resistant fabric to maintain vibrant colors. Select designs that work well both indoors and outdoors and take this opportunity to give your lanai a stylish and modern makeover.

Make Room for a Dining Space

Make the most of your lanai as a space to relax, entertain, or enjoy meals. Set up a dining area that's perfect for hosting dinner parties. Opt for lightweight furniture to avoid overwhelming the space, and consider using benches for a more casual vibe. If your lanai is small, you can swap out a regular dining table for a bar-height table with stools or a compact bistro table arrangement.

All in all, Lanais provide a great outdoor haven that can give you the little escape you've been yearning for. The charm of a Lanai is undeniable; with its unique and luxurious design, it offers you an opportunity to enjoy being surrounded by nature in the comfort of your own home. Not only will adding one to your home increase its aesthetic beauty, but it will also increase its value. Its unique charm and class culminate in a luxurious outdoor haven unmatched by any other – one that will bring years of enjoyment and create fond memories for many generations to come!

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