Natural, Handmade, Distinctive Home Decor

What is it about natural handmade products that is so appealing and beautiful? Is it the fact that the items are made with such attention to detail, passion, and quality that the love shines through? Or is it the fact that you have an item that is so authentic and unique that it brings a piece of that artisan's homeland into your home? Maybe it is the fact that by purchasing this product, you are contributing to the furtherance of an artisan's career and livelihood, or maybe it is simply that purchasing natural sustainable products that are not mass produced helps you contribute in your own small way to saving our environment? Whatever the reason, we know in our hearts that these products bring joy and happiness through the stories of their creators and this is what we are passionate about at Restoration Oak. This is why we travel the world looking for one of a kind pieces of art that will enhance your experience and environment.

One of our special lines, for example, is called Pressed Flowers. This is a line of platters, bowls and serveware that is handmade by women artisans in Colombia. Omar met these wonderful ladies in 2003 during his trip to Colombia and he became enamoured with their work and the beauty of the products they painstakingly make. These beautiful items are made of pine wood and contain hand laid REAL flowers (grown in their own gardens) like gardenias and roses that are dried over the course of several weeks in old fashioned telephone books (yes they still exist). Once the flowers are flat and dry, they are hand placed, one by one, onto the individual piece of pine wood. Several layers of epoxy are then poured over them and once dry, the item is ready to be enjoyed! This line is exclusive to Restoration Oak and we are excited to be collaborating with these ladies on new designs for future lines. Purchasing one of these pieces helps to support these lovely women in Colombia and brings the flavor and vibrancy of Colombia into your home.

Another exciting line of products we carry are Molten Glass sculptures from Bali. We were fortunate to find this talented group of Balinese men and women that work diligently to produce these stunning pieces of art. The glass is hand blown over a fire and then poured directly onto individual pieces of driftwood that are found on local beaches. The result is truly magnificent-each piece is completely unique and no two are two are the same. The glass decanters and canisters sit perfectly on the wood and you can even see burn marks from the hot glass on the pieces! We love these molten glass sculptures, and we love the fact that they are produced on a tiny island by hand. These talented artisans depend on the sale of these items to feed themselves and their families and we are thrilled to have found them and to help showcase their talents to our customers.

We are currently working hard to find new products that you will love and be surprised by. What could be better than a handcrafted item in your home? Our homes are a collection of things that we love and which bring us happiness and why not surround ourselves with beauty? What is more satisfying than having a distinctive piece of home decor that you cannot find elsewhere, made by hand, whose workmanship is superior to a mass produced product? We don't think that anything is superior to a handmade product that is made with love. We want you to experience the beauty that these pieces exude. So what are you waiting for? Come and see us soon and find that piece that speaks to you through its unique story.

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