5 Aesthetic and Green Ways to Incorporate Wood in Your Space

Every interior design accent made from repurposed wood tells a special story, which helps us travel through time. In fact, many reclaimed pieces go back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Others were made in the Industrial Revolution era. Because they have different origins, reclaimed lumber has many unique characteristics that cannot be manufactured in laboratories. In these unique pieces, you might find unusually tight texture patterns, nail holes, weathered colors, saw marks, or other amazing features.

Repurposed planks can be used to help you create a space that goes along with your personal taste. From floor to ceiling there are many ways to implement it into any space you have.

1. Flooring:

Distressed lumber provides a unique and durable wide plank flooring experience. It doesn’t only give a floor an appealing look, but it also displays style and warmth at the same time. The first condition of the reclaimed lumber speaks into its final look. In this picture, the combination of textured patterns and light and dark boards offers a rustic aesthetic form.

2. Staircase:

Combining your stair treads and risers with your reclaimed floor is highly recommended. The consistency highlights the charm of the repurposed wood. The recycled lumber in the staircase offers your home entrance a unique personality. With (….), your stairs will come glued, sanded, and cut to size and all what is left for you is just the installation.

3. Ceiling Beams:

Reclaimed ceiling beams increase your home overall look and value. The natural faded nature of the timbers contrasts with the whole style of your home and offers a welcoming harmony to any décor.

4. Countertops:

Repurposed wood is a trendy design option for kitchen countertops. Due to its antique texture quality it can be smoothly incorporated over any surface. A big positive is that it looks more expensive than it actually is. The upcycled lumber is widely available in many textures that even go well with your current bathroom décor, delivering an eclectic style to your home.

Tip : If using on the islands in your master bath or against a kitchen wall, it should be stained with traditional and natural tones.

5. Ceiling Paneling:

In this picture, reclaimed lumber is used as paneling on the ceiling. Instead of going with the basic painted ceilings one unbelievable way to incorporate aesthetics in your home or business is to use antique lumber in its place. Your guests won’t stop asking you about your ceiling space. It states an immediate declaration of excellent taste as well as eco awareness. You cannot go wrong with choosing one ceiling in your space and using it as an accent statement.

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