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June, 10 2022
  • Post by Omar Rivera


Mia Evans - October 30, 2023

I love that you talked about how artisanal decor would be about items that can last for a long time and are made with care while keeping the aesthetic of the products. I wonder if we can find decorative dragon items like that, because my husband is fascinated with dragons. So I wanted to incorporate that into the living room to also represent him in our home.

Eli Richardson - September 11, 2023

It’s very interesting to read about artisan home decor and how its created with high design standards and authenticity. My wife and I want to renovate our house in a few weeks, and we’re interested in buying new furniture and decorative pieces soon, so we’ll read your tips carefully before buying anything. Thank you for the advice on how each artisan home decor item is unique and made out of ethically sourced materials.

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