What Accessories Do I Need For A Dining Room Table?


Unless we’re hosting a large dinner party, your dining room may unfortunately stay vacant most of the time since we all too often eat in front of the TV, waiting on the next social gathering. What do you do with your dining room table when you're not hosting a get-together? Nobody has time to put together fresh flowers every week to have the right centerpiece, so the table can end up looking soulless and overcrowded with the wrong kind of accessories like mail or junk.
Table runners, coasters, centerpieces and books are just a few of the many ways you may freshen up your tabletop, but what to choose and where to start can lead to a mental block. Don’t worry, we'll walk you through some trendy ways to set your tables with a few quick and easy ideas to get you started! Table decor is an art and you can master it with a few helpful tips.

How To Make Your Dining Room Table Look Effortlessly Chic?

Use a tray to keep it tidy

There is something about keeping things nice and tidy even when you're mixing and matching diverse pieces, such as small curios, candles, ceramics and more. As tempting as it may be to go bohemian when you're tired, it's better to arrange your stuff on a tray first. In addition to keeping your items organized, a stylish tray will add character to your decoration and keep the overall theme consistent.

Go for dressy runners

You can still get creative even if you don't have a lot of items to exhibit on your center table or are waiting to pick up some gorgeous artifacts. To avoid the appearance of empty space on your center table try draping a lovely runner across its surface. Modern or antique, either one will do the trick! Whether you choose lace or appliqué, make sure it complements your space and your aesthetic.

Simplicity is key

Place a bowl of colorful stones in the center of the table to add a modern touch to the decor. You can either choose marbles or, if you believe in lucky stones, stock up on them and display them. You will have the ideal blend of elegance and richness. 

Keep it balanced

Play with the proportions of the items while arranging your dining table accessories. If you set everything in the same size and dimension, your table may appear bland and dull. To keep things looking interesting, you must create diversity in form and proportion.

The rule of three

The rule of three also applies to tablescapes. If you're not sure whether to keep all of your favorite objects on display or just one, we recommend following the rule of three. Choose three items that vary in height and size and arrange them in a grid or at random. You can't go wrong with this rule!

Employ a seasonal display

Your dining room table is most likely used the most around Thanksgiving and Christmas, the latter of which is the busiest decorating season of the year. Even after Christmas, you may decorate your dining room table for different seasons and holidays for a stunning decorative accent.

How To Decorate A Small Dining Table?

You might be wishing you had the table space seen in a few of these photographs. Unfortunately, you feel the size of your table limits you from using most of these decorative table accessories, correct? Well, maybe not:

  • Try to tone it down and reduce the dinner table items. For example, a little, circular table can be decorated with a single potted plant, the inclusion of greenery stands out beautifully against the room's other splashes of color, or you could opt for putting a book or two for a refined touch.

  • If you believe that "less is more," a tablecloth may be all you need to beautify your empty dining room table. Because this drape will draw attention, you should utilize high-quality fabrics. Organza, silk and even cotton are among the material options you might consider choosing from. You may want to avoid using vinyl coverings since they might not create the desired effect. Depending on your preferences, you might go for a single-color tablecloth or a multicolored one with motifs. 

  • We recommend adding a few simple and useful dinner table items such as salt and pepper shakers or grinders, napkin holders, drink coasters and maybe even tea cups. You can keep them for decoration as well as for use when having dinner with your friends and family.

Eye-Catching Centerpieces To Include On Your Dining Table

A Set of Vases

Stacking a blue and white Chinoiserie collection on top of books and acrylic risers creates a stunning centerpiece. Your dining room table is a great place to display your collection, rather than distributing it across the home.

Potted plants

A fresh floral arrangement on your dinner table would be a gorgeous addition to your dining table decor, but it's not always realistic. However, we believe you'll be able to care for a potted plant like rosemary more easily because it needs significantly less time and attention. Simply place a small rosemary plant in an elegant ceramic container and cover it with moss to complete the look.

Stem Holder

There's nothing more beautiful than a vase full of flowers. Make use of it to show off some of your favorite bouquets. If live flowers seem too difficult to consistently apply, there's another alternative… you can utilize artificial stems and they often look just as good as the real thing, plus they'll never die.

Collected Leaves

Another option is to use some brightly colored leaves from the garden. Take a walk with some scissors and see what interesting patterns and colors you might come across. Put them in a white pitcher for a centerpiece that will last for up to two weeks!

Candle holders

Candle hurricanes make a warm and inviting entryway for visitors, plus, they always make for an excellent focal point. If you want to make the atmosphere feel cozier, consider using a couple of candles for a special table centerpiece. 

A collection of your favorite pieces

There’s a small traveler that lives inside of us all so if you've been abroad lately then bringing home souvenirs from your travels to use as table top decor would be a wonderful way to display your latest adventure. This is the perfect opportunity to show off the treasures you brought back with you from your trips.

It's time to get creative with your dining table decoration accessories. Covering your entire table with a cloth, plants or flowers, vases, and other little trinkets are simple yet charming.

Even if your dining table is a little smaller, there's no wrong way to style it. Have fun with it! Make sure to keep these recommendations in mind the next time you're in a dilemma over how to arrange your dining table. And visit our website for more inspiration.

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